About us

Kibble is Scotland’s specialist provider of services for at risk children and young people. Our care, education and specialist interventions help disadvantaged young people build themselves a brighter future.

A Scottish charity

Our nineteenth century philanthropic founder, Elizabeth Kibble, was heiress to a textile fortune and on her death in 1840, she left a portion of her wealth to establish a home for “youthful offenders”. Kibble has evolved for more than a century and a half from this point while always staying true to its original mission of supporting young people facing adversity. Kibble is one of Scotland’s oldest charities and seeks to honour Elizabeth Kibble’s legacy by continuing to support young people from the local area and across Scotland.

A social enterprise

In 1996, Kibble embarked on a phase of its development that would see it become one of the country’s leading social enterprises. The redefining of local authority boundaries meant a loss of financial support from the public sector and Kibble was faced with closing its doors or finding a radically different model of financial support. It opted to become a social enterprise, a business model in which any financial surplus is reinvested into the organisation and never distributed to owners, shareholders, investors or directors. Almost two decades later, Kibble continues as one of Scotland’s largest genuine social enterprises and values its role in promoting social enterprise as a sustainable and ethical business model.